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The Language and Music School
at International Mansion

The LMS Method
”Homeschool In School”

Blurry Drops
Full Spanish Immersion

Our students hear, speak and learn

the language in authentic everyday contexts 

“Emergent Curriculum”

Is a philosophy of planning and teaching individualized curriculum that adapts to your child’s needs, interests, and strengths.


This reinforces education as an adventure

 rather than a chore, drawing out the natural talents and abilities of a child, and creating a lifelong learner in the process.


Educating The Whole Child

  • Listed by MENSA as a recommended program for gifted students. Every child has a gift to be shared.

  • Limited class sizes transform our classrooms into a community, with maximum of 6 students per teacher.

  • Real world applications of curriculum through industry-professional guest lecturers

    •  i.e. local architects showing the parallels of structural calculations and geometry to inspire the next Frank Lloyd Wright!

What does full
language immersion
look like?

The LMS Method

The Absorbent Mind

      the timeframe to develop true

      native fluency is in childhood. 

  • LMS introduces Spanish in a natural, inviting environment, transforming it from a class to pass into a second nature.

  • Multilingual children are proven to have “greater openness to other languages and to new learning”

Young language-learners should feel part of a community of linguists which stretches through the generations- not participants in an esoteric activity that stops when you finish the curriculum.

Dr. Charlotte Ryland

Educating The Whole Child

  • Fluency in Spanish achieved within a year during Preschool years

  • Fluency in Spanish achieved within 2 years during Elementary School years.

  • The Spanish language is spoken throughout the day as the target immersion language.

  • Academic classes are all taught in English and/or Spanish and English.

More questions? Schedule a consultation with our founder,
Maria Emilia Fermi

Thank You

Maria Emilia
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