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Admissions Process

We are a full language immersion school, and offer a unique ‘homeschool-in-school’ style of education.

We are a small school, with a limit of thirty students from Pre-School through the eighth grade.
There is no entry exam, nor traditional testing in our program.
We believe the point of education is true understanding, not regurgitation.


Tuition for the 2023 / 2024 school year is $2,690 per month, or $32,280 annually. We have a thriving academic scholarship fund,

The International Foundation for Education and Innovation.

All applicants may apply for Financial Aid, and partial scholarships can be awarded based on both need and academic merit.

Consultation and registration fees are $48.00, and can be scheduled below

LMS Looks Like…

Our school year encompasses the entire year, subtracting holidays and two weeks off for winter vacation, spring break, and summer vacation.

The school day begins at 9:30am, to allow for flexibility of schedule,

away from the customary 7 am wake up time. We usually start our mornings with a live concert and a snack to go in to the class room inspired and ready to learn.

Maria Emilia Fermi

In our school system (with daily recognition of student efforts through rewards) our students learn autonomy, independence, flexibility, adaptability, resourcefulness and resilience. 

Contact us to schedule a consultation with our Founder and Director,
Maria Emilia Fermi

Thanks for submitting!

Maria Emilia
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