The Language and Music School – School Calendar (2016/2017)

Please note that Vacations/School Closings are BOLDED and Special Events are ITALICIZED
Renew by 8 week
Sat. July 23rd Fall 1, 2016
(8/29 – 10/22)
Labor Day 9/5; Columbus Day 10/10
Sat. Oct. 8th Fall 2, 2016
(10/24 – 12/17)

Jazzfest 11/20; Thanksgiving Brk 11/24-26; Imm. & Priv. Student Report Cards given by 12/10; Imm. & Private Student Performance 12/17/16

Sat. Dec. 3rd Winter 2016/17
(12/19/16 – 2/25/17)

MLK Day 1/16/17; President’s Day 2/20/17; WINTER BREAK: 12/26/16 – 1/8/17

Sat. Feb. 11th Spring 1, 2017
(2/27- 4/29)
Good Friday/Holy Sat.: 4/14-15 Spring Break 3/26 – 4/2
Sat. April. 15th Spring 2, 2017
(5/1 – 6/24)
Private Student Report Cards by 4/29, Imm. & Priv. Performance 5/6, IMA Contest 5/20 & 21, Memorial Day 5/29
Sat. Jun. 10th Summer 2017
(6 weeks)(Private)
Best of LMS – Sun. July 16th – 2:30 – 4:30;
Independence Day Observed 7/4;
Summer Break (Immersion & Parent/Tot) 7/30 – 8/27;
Summer Break (Private students) 8/6 – 8/27
  Immersion & Parent/Tot
(6/26 – 7/29)**
Private Lessons (6/26 – 8/5)
**Please note that the Immersion Session is shorter than the Private Lessons Session.

School Recitals

Students of all ages and levels are recommended to participate in Recitals and the yearly music events by their instructor. Students work with their instructors well in advance of the Recitals to insure readiness in all aspects of the performance .

We hold 3 Recitals per school year to allow all students to participate at least one time during the year. Participation in all recitals (except for our July “Best of LMS” Fundraiser) is free!

IMA State Olympic Contest

IMA State Olympic Contest

Illinois Music Association (IMA) was incorporated in 1960 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing public interest in music and elevating music education standards. The IMA sponsors an annual competition that attracts hundreds of music students from the Chicago area, and surrounding north-eastern Illinois. In the spring of each year, our contest will host about 1500 to 2000 contestants, and will provide competition for keyboard, stringed, wind, percussion and vocal students.

The IMA was instituted out of a need to provide a suitable competition for the music students of private music teachers and studios in north-eastern Illinois. In the beginning, our early contests’ were for very specific keyboard instruments, and the first few contests attracted less than a hundred entries.

Over the past few decades, as musical interests change from year to year, our contest has also evolved to accommodate the needs of the present, and more instruments have been added to our competition. The size of the contest varies yearly, but usually accommodates 1500 to 2000 students.

The contest is divided into many different levels and classes. Contestants are first by categorized by instrument, then by experience based in the music performed (elementary, junior, intermediate, senior) and then finally by age. A typical class for the younger student is limited to about 12 contestants or less, and the class would limit the age variation in each class to + or – one year. The philosophy of keeping each class size small, allows the contestants a greater chance of winning a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place trophy.

In recent years the IMA has established a scholarship foundation. The IMA does not solicit or receive any government grants, and our scholarship foundation is solely dependent on donations from the private sector. The scholarship foundation is a separate activity independent from the annual contest, and has already awarded several scholarships to college level music students.

Chicago Area Music Teacher’s Association Jazz Festival

Jazz Fest 2011- Gabriel Jazz Fest 2011- Kyle / Narayan Jazz Fest 2011- Tim / Nicky

This event provides an exciting opportunity for any piano student or instrumentalist to perform in a popular Jazz venue and hear a short program by an outstanding professional jazz musician.


6 students (or ensembles) per teacher
1 piece per student unless accompanying others
1-3 minutes per piece.
A limited number of performers will be accepted
Every participant must attend the entire AM or PM Program including the clinician’s program

Best of LMS Concert & Fundraiser

Adult Flute Player Child Violin Player 

This Concert is exclusive to The Language and Music School and is a showcase of the best talent at The School! The cost is $10/person or $5 for Children under 10 years old – Tickets include a FREE RAFFLE TICKET for a Drawing. We always have really great raffle prizes AND students get an opportunity to see their teachers perform! Students participating are Free of Charge & they get a FREE RAFFLE TICKET. If you purchase your Admission tickets in advance, you will have reserved seating & can arrive at the last minute & have the best seat in the house (first come first serve). Raffle Tickets may be purchased at $5 each or 6 tickets for $25. AND the more Raffle tickets you purchase, the greater your chance for winning prizes.